Europe at a Dark Crossroads: Letter from France

by Richard Greeman

1. To whom Sarkozy’s Interior Minister offered police assistance to ben Ali during the January 2011 pro-democracy demonstrators.

2. Ghaddafi was Sarkozy’s official guest in Paris was permitted to pitch his tents in the garden of the presidential Elysée Palace.

3. This breaks down to three million ‘job seekers’ still collecting unemployment, plus another two million in the various ‘discouraged’ categories who try to get by on welfare.

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6. Médiapart, founded and edited by ex-Trotskyist former Monde editor Edwy Plenel is a subscriber supported, left-wing online full-fledged daily newspaper, with an informative English-language page. See " In the spring we elected him and in the autumn he betrayed us," Mediapart, Oct. 5, 2012.

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9. One wonders if Hollande is trying to imitate the Obama Administration’s high-profile roundups and brutal imprisonment of a half-million undocumented Latin-American men, women and children pending their deportation (ironically banned from their ancestral Mexican States of CA, NM, CO, TX, and AZ)?

10. Louise Fessard, " 'It's all for show': French police officers speak out on Roma evictions," Mediapart, Aug. 21, 2012.

11. Information based on articles in Oct. 2012 MotivéES, the local bulletin of the NPA.

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13. Please see my "General Strikes and Massive Demonstrations Challenge Neo-Liberal Reforms in France,"NP, Summer 2011.

14. Indeed, toward the end of his life the "Blood and Iron" Chancellor urged the militaristic Kaiser to use financial and diplomatic, rather than military methods to dominate Europe. Please see my essay: "Germany Gambles on the Old Dream of European Hegemony," Nov. 16th, 2011.

15. This is a safe prediction, given that nothing has been done to eliminate the immediate causes of the Crash of 2008. Please see my "Is There Life After Capitalism?," State of nature," Autumn 2012.