Neo-Stalinism The Achilles Heel of the Peace Movement and the American Left

by Julius Jacobson, introduction by Aaron Amaral

1. See Michael Hirsch’s New Politics review and the Jacobin interview with Lewis.

2. See Joanne Landy’s “The Foreign Policies of Sanders, Trump, and Clinton: America and the World in 2016 and Beyond.”

3. See also, DSA, “The Case for Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution.”



1. I must admit, though, that my regular reading of The Guardian ended a number of years ago with a series of articles by Carl Davidson exposing the dangers of Trotskyism. To one familiar with the literature of the Communist movement, it was clear that Davidson’s exercise in ignorance was lifted largely from a particularly noxious pamphlet, Trotskyism: Counter Revolution in Disguise, written by Communist Party theoretician Moissaye Olgin in the middle 1930s. Olgin’s pamphlet might well have been called “The Protocols of Trotsky,” but at least he could write a coherent English sentence, a feat to which Davidson should aspire.

2. Not long ago, a leading American filmmaker and writer expressed extreme displeasure with the lack of a warm reception for an avant garde film in this bourgeois country. When asked if such a film could be shown at all in China, the immediate response was, no, that it could not be shown, and what is more, no need for such avant garde films there. In China, our filmmaker explained, the masses need posters, not avant garde films. How can one cope with such illogic? It is not merely a double standard that is revealed, but an inverted form of American chauvinism; intellectual pleasures are necessities for the American elite, but the Chinese are condemned to posters spurring them to work harder for the state.