Revolutionary Prefigurations: The Green Movement, Critical Solidarity, and the Struggle for Iran's Future

by Danny Postel

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4. MRZine has, among other things, reprinted speeches by Khamenei, published the Venezuelan government’s denunciation of the protests in Iran, and sympathetically portrayed Iran’s Basij paramilitary force as the victim of purported Green movement mayhem. Pieces hostile to the Iranian democratic movement have been written by James Petras, and Edward Herman and David Peterson among others. For several outstanding rejoinders, see Reese Erlich, “Iran and Leftist Confusion,”, June 29, 2009; Hamid Dabashi, “Left is wrong on Iran,” Al-Ahram Weekly, 16 - 22 July 2009; Saeed Rahnema, “The Tragedy of the Left’s Discourse on Iran,” ZNet, July 10, 2009; Stephen R. Shalom, Thomas Harrison, Joanne Landy and Jesse Lemisch, “Question & Answer on the Iran Crisis,” Campaign for Peace and Democracy, July 7, 2009.